How to raise more than $100M for Vanuatu in three easy steps #cyclonepam

Ok so I’ve come up with a few ideas to help Vanuatu.

We can easily find more than $100 million in by just doing three easy things.

1. Stop the Flag Referendum – $25 million

2. Don’t upgrade Northland bridges – $32 million -?$69 million

3. Tell Team NZ the party is over – $35 million ?

Total raised by cancelling pork barrel bribes = between $92 million and $129 million

Now imagine where we could go if we lined up other useless spending…like the NZ Symphony Orchestra, The Royal NZ Ballet, half the health troughers ( in fact let’s send them to assist in Vanuatu) and we could take a real close look at the convention centre funding as well.

I reckon with some slashing and burning we could raise heaps for Vanuatu.

The first three are easy…we don’t need a new flag, Northland doesn’t need new bridges and Team NZ can find some corporate sponsors instead of being corporate bludgers.