I am still Charlie

As time passes what happened at Charlie Hebdo fades from the public consciousness. But the danger of the political ideology of Islam remains. No doubt a new atrocity will take its place in the forefront of our minds but Charlie Hebdo was in many ways our loss of innocence. It may not have been the first time that Islam struck so close to home but it was memorable both because of its ruthlessness and because of its ludicrous justification for the massacre. Cartoons.

Charb, the murdered editor of Charlie Hebdo

Charb, the murdered editor of
Charlie Hebdo

We must not forget that Jews were deliberately murdered the same day and targeted not for cartoons but simply because they were Jews. Yet again a bloody reminder of the hate that is such a core part of the ideology. Jews and Christians are targeted worldwide not for their cartoons but for their religion. Infidels are targeted because they are not Muslim. Muslims are targeted because they do not follow the Koran in the exact same way as the followers of Islam who murder them.

Islam is an ideology with no tolerance at all. Islam does not even tolerate difference within its own ideology. To call it the religion of peace is a sick, sick joke played on Western society. That so many in the West turn a blind eye to the obvious truth of the supremacist ideology and its stated goal to destroy Western civilization is a puzzle that I cannot even begin to comprehend.

Charb, the murdered editor of Charlie Hebdo

Charb, the murdered editor of Charlie Hebdo

I will never forget Charlie Hebdo and what it represents. We are at war and it may not be a war of our choosing or one we want to fight but it is a war that we must win. If we do not, we will suffer the fate of all the countries that used to be Christian for hundreds, even a thousand years but are now totally Islamic. You may not be Christian, you may not even believe in God but you do know that Western civilisation and its laws were founded on Christian principles. Our laws are secular but they give us democracy and freedom of speech as well as equal rights. Under Sharia law, the law of Islam we will lose it all.