If you want to save the tree then buy the land, otherwise bugger off

Some hippy tree-huggers in West Auckland are trying to save a kauri and a rimu.

What rips my undies is that the trees are on private land and these busy-bodies are invading the land to protect the trees.

Residents in West Auckland are protesting plans to fell a 500-year-old kauri in Titirangi.

Protest organiser and local resident Aprilanne Bonar said they would blockade the site?on Monday morning, where a proposed house and deck are to be built.

“It is unconscionable that during a time of enormous concern about kauri dieback that developers would kill a healthy kauri, to make way for a deck,” Bonar said.

She said members of local hapu, concerned residents, and several local politicians would be gathering to support the occupation and advocate for protection of local heritage and ecology.

“Destruction, without public consultation, of a 500-year-old kauri and a 300-year-old rimu have been permitted as outcome of reforms to the Resource Management Act,” she said. ?

“We have exhausted every avenue available to us legally and now it’s at the point where the thing that matters today is saving our kauri.”

Auckland Council west resources consents manager David Oakhill said consents had been granted for two houses to be built on the site, which meant the removal of some trees.

The council had considered the effects of the tree removal, the ecological value of the sites and the effects of the development itself, he told NZME.

The council was?satisfied all appropriate measures been had taken to minimise those effects.

“Auckland Council understands people’s desire to protect our natural environment, however the zoning on these two sites recognises the right to build while taking the environment into consideration,” he said.

If they are so concerned about a damn tree, which will eventually die and fall over anyway then why don’t they buy the land off the developer?

They won’t of course, like most busy-bodies they take it upon themselves to tell other people what they can do on their own land.


– Fairfax