International convention centre – yeah right


While Steve Joyce and SkyCity battle over how many columns there?ll be at the convention centre, some tricky questions need to be asked about precisely how large the ?international size and standard? convention centre is going to be.

When the?SkyCity deal was first announced the public were promised a convention centre that could hold between 3,500 and 5,000 delegates. But the plans they?ve filed with the Auckland Council are only half that size. ?

Last week the US Republicans had their Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), so I had a quick Google of?where they hosted it. The?Gaylord National Resort & Convention Centre?2,000 people?and?includes?the same number of guest rooms.

Joyce should really stop?using?the lines ?international size? or??international standard? for the New Zealand convention centre. Someone might just point out that the centre is unlikely to even be able to fit in?the number of staff?of a real convention centre.