Invercargill denied next Poonado as serial Spash Palace pooper poo-poos regular date


Invercargill’s serial pooper was a no-show at Splash Palace tonight.

Every Friday evening for the last six weeks, a pool at the aquatic centre has had to be evacuated because of poo.

Pool staff have kept a close eye on the pools, determined to thwart a seventh week of disruptions.

And it appears to have worked. For this week at least.

Aquatic services manager Pete Thompson said staff had offered free swimming nappies to toddlers, and also contacted schools and clubs which used the pool on Friday nights to remind them of the basic hygiene etiquette.

“They’ve all been really supportive, it’s been a real team effort,” Thompson said.

Code browns were not uncommon, but they did not usually occur repeatedly for weeks, he said.

“It will happen all over the country, it’s accidental.”

The culprit’s actions have gained national and international media attention.

There were three possibilities for why it was happening, Thompson said.

“It’s either the same person or people, accidentally; the same person or people, maliciously; or random.”

He believed it was probably the same person or people.

However, the fear of another poo did not deter people from using the pool on Friday nights, Thompson said.

Or maybe Pooperman got stage fright and is all blocked up.


Tune in next Friday for the next installment of…


Guest starring the Auckland Mayor Len “Code” Brown



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