Is it even possible? Labour even more irrelevant and marginalised

Labour is offering to look at “sensible changes” to the Resource Management Act as the Government takes its proposed amendments back to the drawing board.

“There’s just no question that you’ve got to rip up what we’ve got now, go back to the drawing board and have another go,” Mr Key said.

Last week Environment Minister Nick Smith admitted it would be more difficult for the Government to make the RMA changes it wants if Mr Peters won Northland.

“There is no doubt that if National is not successful in the Northland by-election the job of resource management reform is going to be more difficult,” he said.

Labour’s environment spokeswoman, Megan Woods, says the Government never had broad political support for its proposed changes.

“Now that National has lost Northland John Key is suddenly talking of ripping up the changes – it shows that the Government only ever had a knife-edge majority for any change,” she said.

“Last term it couldn’t get the numbers, even from its own support partners.”

Ms Woods says the Government has never revealed the details of the changes, and all that opposition parties know comes from a speech Environment Minister Nick Smith made in January.

“Labour is happy to look at any sensible changes that do not water down our environmental protections,” she said.

Labour’s blood has run cold this weekend.

They’ve realise that a Peters/National relationship is going to consign them to the opposition benches for at least another three years.

After last weekend’s most ashtonising by-election, there have been major shifts in position. ?Winston will work with Steve Joyce (not not John Key) to ensure RMA reform isn’t dead but for a price. ?Labour don’t want to be left out of this process and are now begging to have a ‘constructive’ say.

In a political sense, Northland was an earthquake, and these are the aftershocks.

Question Time in parliament today may be required watching to see the general mood of the players. ?Is the arrogance dialed down? ?Are the snide ?dismissive quips gone? ?Or will it be business as usual?


– 3 News