Is John Key covering up anything else?


Following Mike Sabin?s resignation for “personal reasons? an astute opposition would be asking John Key is he protecting any other MPs or Party office holders who have suppression orders over criminal acts?

There is no excuse for covering up criminal acts or even unconscionable ratbag behaviour, and John Key would have a huge problem if he has covered up any other offenders. ?

The public do not take kindly to coverups, and respect politicians who are decisive and definite in dealing with scumbags who beat women or commit other crimes that the public hate.

A cover up on an issue that the government campaigns heavily on is even worse because it shows great hypocrisy.

It is not OK to wear a white ribbon yet not sack a wife beater.

Annastacia Palasczcuk is showing how a leader show act, though there is some speculation that she too acted far too late.