Is this the end of my Samsung Galaxy S love affair?

shattered-white-iphone-ogradyby Pete

The joke goes: ?Q. How do you know if someone has an Apple device? ?A. They’ll tell you.

I’m not an evangelist for the devices I use. ?Each to their own, and Apple people, just shut up already, I really don’t care as long as you’re happy I don’t need to know. ?I do however believe that if you go a certain way, you might as well leverage all it can offer.

Some years ago I decided to go into the cloud, and sell my soul to Google. ?In return, I’ve enjoyed a relatively highly integrated tech life, no matter what devices I choose to use. ?And the smartphone is very much part of this approach.

I came to Samsung via Blackberry – I spend a lot of time on my phones as computing and Internet access devices, and I like to have the flagship model. ?Blackberry Bold. ?The Galaxy S2, then my current S4, and now… S6?

The S6 has made my blood run cold. ? A metal frame? ?A glass back? ?No memory upgrade? ?Can’t swap a new battery in? ?What the hell? ?That sounds like an iPhone.

Samsung has a loyal following of Galaxy S owners to whom these sort of features didn’t matter enough. ?Personally, the fact I can’t swap a battery is likely to be a deal breaker.

Build quality is important however, and my S2 has survived its share of accidental drops, slides and impacts with nary any visible evidence of it’s heart attack inducing lifestyle. ?By contrast, my S4 has had a much better life, but a small drop – perhaps 40 cm to the ground left a very?visible dent and the screen and the underlying frame has been visibly separating ever since.

Samsung won’t lose me as a customer, but it looks like I will not continue via the flagship line.

I’m very kind to my batteries, I almost never drop the phone below 40% charge, it is always on charge when on my desk, and in general it doesn’t drop below 70% before it gets recharged to 100. ?And yet after about 14 months of use, I suddenly had very little battery throughout the day.

No problem – bought a fresh one, and all my problems went away.

I can’t stand the thought of having an S6 that, after 12-18 months isn’t lasting long enough on battery and I can’t replace it with a new one. ?Batteries are consumable items. ?They don’t, yet, last for the life-time of the devices they power.

Samsung has been pinged for its flagship phone build quality, with reviewers always moping about the “cheap plastic back”, but it didn’t stop people from flocking to the phones. ?Why mess with the formula that has worked so well for so long?

Most people put the damn thing in a case anyway – so who cares that the back is plastic instead of metal or glass?

I’ve been eyeing up the Galaxy Note 4 for a while. ?It looks like a good way to get a slightly larger screen, and I get to keep everything I love about the Samsung.

All I have to do now is to wait until a good deal comes up. ?I’ve noticed the phone companies are a lot less keen to hand out the candy compared to a few years ago.