Isuzu D-Max – still astonishing fuel economy


With all my boxing training and running around for the past 8 weeks I’ve spent quite a bit of time in my Southern Autos provided Isuzu D-Max.

Up and down the motorway to training, in and out of traffic and the D-Max never missed a beat.

What amazes me and still does every time I fill up is just how far I can travel on a tank of gas….sometimes over 1000km, but mostly between 875km and 950km depending on what I’ve been doing.

You actually need the fuel indicator because stops at the service station are so few.

I’m not kidding. My old Hilux needed a top up every week, this truck not so much…in fact I think I fill it up about every second or third?week. ??

Driving down the motorway or open road never gets the engine past 2000rpm…it just purrs along, not straining at all…although these days it is carting around a bit less weight.

It sits nicely on 100km/h and cruises along with enough herbs to overtake when required.

The ride is comfortable. Even my son who is 6’5″ can easily sit behind me in?the?dual cab. Plus the blue tooth system works really well which is vital for me. The air con came in handy especially after training at the gym. There is not much engine noise or road noise, and is quite a bit quieter inside than in my old Hilux.

I’ve trialled a Ford Ranger and VW Amarok, this is a different sort of truck. In reality, it is a man’s truck to man’s work. That doesn’t mean it isn’t comfortable, it is just different. While you might have a cry about a bit of dirt on your Amarok you won’t cry about it with the Isuzu, it is made tough, to do tough things.

I haven’t had a chance to get it off road yet, what with all my boxing training, but the roar is beckoning, and it is duck shooting soon…so more reviews of this impressive truck to come.

I like this ute, and you should drop in and see the guys at Southern Autos, they will look after you. They don’t just do trucks and Isuzu though, they can also look after you for Peugeot and Citroen, but also they are affiliated with their sister site that covers Ford and Mazda as well so there should be something for you there.

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