It’s easy to beat cancer when you never had it in the first place

Some people are just pure evil, ratbags from start to finish.

They go through life living a fantasy and suing people who tell the truth about them…one of those people is currently before the courts and she will be named sooner rather than later after being arrested at Auckland airport.

But in Australia there is another who has done the same thing and hoodwinked thousands with her cancer survivor story…but it is easy to survive cancer when you never had it in the first place.

Elle?called her ‘The most inspiring woman you’ve met this year’.?She also won?Cosmopolitan’s?Fun Fearless Female award?for social media.


Single mother Belle Gibson supposedly beat a diagnosis of terminal brain cancer, shunning conventional medicine and focussing on a healthy diet. She then published a book and developed an app that told her story and showed others how to be healthy.

The story of her health battle is one that we now know was at best embellished and at worst was an outright lie.

Elle and Cosmo have written insider accounts of their experience with the young Brisbane mother… both admit to being thoroughly duped.

Cosmopolitan?was right about one thing; Belle Gibson certainly is fearless.

Gibson has a top-rating health app that was set to be a default app on Apple’s new watch.

Its success and the empire she has built comes from her incredible story of triumph over adversity, of sickness into self-empowered health.

“She’s fun and fearless ‘cos: she was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, but instead of giving in, it became the impetus for her dedication to health and wellbeing,” Cosmo wrote about their 2014 Fearless nominee. “Oh, and her app was named runner-up for the Best iPhone App of 2013 by Apple. Not bad, hey?”

Not bad at all. Except, as Fairfax revealed, Gibson failed to donate $300,000 of the money promised to charity from the sales of her health app, The Whole Pantry.

Claims then emerged that Gibson lied about ever having suffered from cancer. ??

Apple has pulled the App, her publishers Penguin have scrapped her cookbook deal and Belle has deleted all her Instagram posts as well as The Whole Pantry’s Facebook account.

Now, Elle and Cosmo have written insider accounts of their experience with the young Brisbane mother, whose age is even questionable (some media outlets claim Gibson is 23 while others say she is 26).

Both admit to being thoroughly duped and impressed by Gibson ? as were?many other media outlets, her 200,000 plus followers along with Penguin and Apple.

“The whole country [Australia] is currently getting their heads around claims that her career is built on lies. Us included,”?Cosmo?writes.

“Somewhat ironically, in hindsight, [Gibson] said, ‘My community expects me to be authentic!'”

She should enter politics, such shameless bullshit is accepted in that sphere.

But the sad reality behind Gibson’s dream story is that, it seems, the ‘bunch of lies’ came from her.

Gibson has admitted she does not have cancer of the blood, spleen, uterus or liver and that these were a ‘misdiagnosis’ by a mysterious doctor, whose existence has been?questioned by her closest friends.

It reached a point where friends demanded documentary proof of her various cancers, which?The Australian?reported, she failed to produce.

One of the sad truths about Gibson’s story is that we all tend to take stories of people’s illnesses ? as well as heroic accounts of recovery ? at face value.

It is human instinct to show compassion and empathy to those who are suffering, mentally or physically.

As one former friend of Gibson’s said: “At first you think you’re a terrible person for questioning her illness. She was always vague about the cancer, where she was treated, her [medical] appointments.”

Now, the questions are not just about Gibson’s cancer diagnosis, but also about her supposed method of recovery.

Misdiagnosed eh?

She sounds just like another fantasist from Northland.