James Shaw isn’t scary to non-Greens. That’s why he won’t be co-leader

Newbie Green MP James Shaw, who today put his name forward for the party’s co-leadership, has pitched the possibility of working more with National.

The 41-year-old just scraped into Parliament last year as 13th on the?party?list, but now he joins three others ? Vernon Tava, Kevin Hague, and Gareth Hughes ? trying to replace Russel Norman.

Mr Shaw’s got a background in business, having worked as a consultant at?PricewaterhouseCoopers, and says under his leadership there is a possibility the Greens would work more with National.

“What I would like is to reach out to them and see if there is room for more cooperation than there has been recently,” he says.

He’s currently the most normal, rational and intelligent looking Greenie among the lot. ? What do his colleagues think? ?

Mr?Hague wasted no time highlighting Mr Shaw is “very new” to Parliament.

“That’s a pretty steep learning curve of itself,” he says. “I would have thought one of the things our members will be looking for is a track record of actually achieving political change in Parliament.”

Tava ? who is only a party member, not an MP ? is campaigning on getting rid of the Greens’?left wing?image.

“What I’m talking about is a distinctly green type of politics,” he says, “one that is neither left or right.”

Meanwhile, Mr Hughes believes his activism sets him apart.

“My background is as an environmentalist, as a climate campaigner, someone who’s raising a young family like many of our voters,” he says.

So we have Hague who has all the charisma of an empty cardboard box.

Tava who is outside of parliament, unknown and will have no cut-through.

Hughes has never had a real job and wants to keep?the Greens?as a protesting party just like Russel, except with more votes. ?Somehow. ?Magically.

And finally?Shaw who has some cut-through and doesn’t immediately have the loony label applied. ? But, he is, ironically, too green for the job.

Hague will most likely take the job. ? But he could do worse than make sure he starts using Shaw for a lot of the front-office work.



– 3 News