John Key expects our terror level threat to rise


At some point we’re going to cop one in the gonads by an in-country nutbar

Last week Key announced 143 troops would be sent to train the Iraqi army in an attempt to combat the spread of the Islamic State (Isis) group.

But Key said this morning that any increased security threat domestically would come as a result of more New Zealanders being on a government security watch list.

In November, Key said 30-40 people were on a watch list because of their involvement with or support of Isis, and another 30-40 required further investigation.

The increase in that number would be a more significant factor to the independent body that determined the terror threat level, than the deployment of training forces to Iraq, Key said.

The 35-40 people on the main watch list were there because they were believed to have a desire to take action that posed a credible and specific threat, Key said.

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott is expected to announce this week if Australian troops will work alongside New Zealanders in training Iraqi forces.

Australia was already an identified target for Isis, but Key said if the terror threat level in New Zealand rose, it would be due to the strength of Isis, not because New Zealand training forces had been sent.

New Zealand’s domestic threat level was changed from “very low” to “low” in October

Abbott had “made the right point” when he said the particular terror threat posed by Isis could come to Australia and New Zealand, he said.

New Zealand is the only ‘club member’ that hasn’t had a domestic terrorism incident. ?It would be naive to expect us to squeak through this unharmed.

We should be extremely thankful enough voters put National back in charge. ?Imagine our country’s position if the Labour/Green/Internet Party/Mana band of brothers had been in charged of the SIS and GCSB.

Let’s hope they are doing an excellent job on our behalf.


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They even have to protect our fellow Kiwis from themselves it seems. ? (How does that get through moderation?)


– Aimee Gulliver, Stuff