John Key moves under urgency to cancel MP payrises

John Key has announced his intention to change MP pay rises.

Prime Minister John Key today announced an overhaul of the Remuneration Authority Act, tying MP salaries to those of the wider public sector, which will be passed under urgency.

Mr Key says the decision was made after the Remuneration Authority?s latest determination which saw the total remuneration received by MPs increased by about 3.5 per cent.

?That increase was neither necessary nor justified at a time when inflation is at 0.8 per cent,? says Mr Key.

?While the decision was made independently of MPs, they should not be receiving increases which are disproportionate to the wider public sector.?

Mr Key says the Remuneration Authority referred specifically to the criteria contained in the Remuneration Authority Act 1977 as the reason for the increases, therefore a law change was necessary.

The change will take away the Authority?s discretion when setting MP pay. The sole criteria will now be the average public sector pay increase for the previous year.

Personally I think that MP remuneration should be set int he 6 months before a general election and remain in place for the next three years.

But this is a smart move by Key as he is forcing opposition MPs to either vote for the legislation or go down as greedy, grasping troughers.

Watch the left wing moan and whinge about the process, but they should show us what Helen Clark ever did to stop this issue…oh that’s right nothing at all.


– NZ Government