John Key’s Ongoing Ethics Problems


The by election in Northland highlights to the public that there is something dodgy going on in John Key?s National Party.

If suppression orders are lifted?on the prominent New Zealander’s?case there will be a very uncomfortable few days for?some politicians.

A half decent opposition leader will pledge that his administration would never allow an MP to stay if they faced charges of the nature Sabin is facing, or wife beating or losing pots of investors money while taking a massive annual management fee. Of course a half decent opposition leader would actually know about this, and perhaps who Winston reckons owes creditors. ??

The opposition leader can then hammer Key on his ethical lapses, allowing wife beaters and people who have lost investors money to stay in the party.

He can clearly state that no wife beaters or people who have lost investors money would be allowed to remain in the Labour Party, and that unlike John Key he will uphold real ethical standards not hide behind suppression orders.

Holding John Key?s feet to the fire on ethical grounds is a very simple play, although it appears that the last three Labour leaders have been way too simple to even make this play.

Whether Andrew Little is as simple is yet to be established.

One of the best ways to bring down a popular PM is to focus on ethics and try to make him look squirrelly in front of cameras.