John Key’s Suppression Problem

To add to John Key’s misery in Northland there is another pressing issue.

Pundits have made a bit of noise about how the National campaign in Northland could see its wheels fall off if suppression orders on certain cases are lifted.

There are many, many rumours around about what suppression orders could be lifted.

The problem for John Key is that if certain suppression orders about National Party people, whether they are office holders or MPs or former MPs, could make it look like he covers socially unacceptable things up. This may be politically expedient to cover stuff up but cover-ups that are busted open always hurt.?

If someone under parliamentary privilege was to ask Key about whether he knew of any suppression orders around sexual offending or domestic violence by former or current National MPs or senior office holders he would be in a very tight spot.

Such a tight spot that it might just tank National?s chances in Northland.

This is?the problem with suppression orders…they lead to all sorts of speculation, and sometimes in politics utu will be exacted at the worst possible time.

Rumours are swirling that Labour has their ducks lined up, the only question will be if they have the planning to execute it properly.

If it isn’t them who drop the hammer it will almost certainly be Winston Peters.