Keeping up appearances


Willow-Jean Prime said she had not been asked to pull back from the campaign to allow New Zealand First’s Winston Peters to take the seat.

A poll has suggested Mr Peters would win 51 percent of the vote to National candidate Mark Osborne’s 37 percent, if Ms Prime was not in the race.

Actually, it did nothing of the sort. ? This is scandalous stuff from Radio New Zealand. ?They have no way of knowing if all?Labour votes would go to NZ Fist. ??

Party leader Andrew Little said he would not be withdrawing Ms Prime from the race, but in a television interview at the weekend hinted voters could send a message to the Government with their choice.

“Send a message” is pretty much Winston Peters’ campaign slogan, and Andrew Little was pushing it on national TV.

Ms Prime told Morning Report she had the support of Labour’s leadership and was staying the course.

She did not feel her candidacy had been undermined by anything Mr Little had said.

“What we are saying is that I am a strong candidate, I have a good background … that I am standing on issues important to Northland, issues that are important to the Labour Party and the voters are going to have to make a choice. “

If Willow-Jean has any serious political aspirations, she should work hard and be seen to work hard. ?Someone who pulls up lame at the behest of their party isn’t going to be seen as a viable constituency MP. ?No doubt she’s been offered a “almost winnable” list position for 2017 in exchange for lying for three weeks straight.