Key doesn’t rate Winston Peters’ chances in Northland

NEXT! Winston Peters

Prime Minister John Key is confident National can retain its seat in Northland despite NZ First leader Winston Peters throwing his hat in the ring.

“This is all about Winston and Winston not feeling that relevant post the election.”

Mr Peters living there or going fishing there didn’t mean he had a plan for Northland and National, as the Government, could do more for Northland, Mr Key said.

“If Winston Peters was to win Northland you deliver a stronger Peter Dunne and less RMA reform,” he said.

“It’s not about the candidate, it’s about what you can do and what you are doing for Northland.”

If there’s one thing Winston is good at – it’s bluster.

However, Mr Peters says the National Party is panicking because of how much support he has from its own members.

NZ First had a record of achieving outside of government, he told the programme.

He had brought bridges to Tauranga and could bring roads to Northland, Mr Peters said.

“Northland has been a forgotten province. It needs a voice and we’re being asked to put our hands up put it all on the line for Northland and I intend to do just that.”

Northland has been considered a safe National seat for decades and Mike Sabin won it last year with a 9300 majority.

Opinion-for-hire Matthew Hooton wrote earlier this week that Labour and NZ First co-funded a “secret” poll that showed Winston and (at the time) the unknown National candidate were virtually equal.

This was at the same time as Labour saying it wasn’t working with anyone or doing any deals with NZ First to get him a better run at getting an electorate seat.

I’ll leave it up to you who to believe.

One thing is for sure: ?the media will pray at the altar that is Winston Peters. ?He’s turned what is a 3rd rate by-election where the result is already known before it starts to a 2nd rate by-election where the result is already known before it starts.

Let’s hope there will be some other stuff to report on. ?A month of Winston-says is going to drive the whole country into a deep depression.


– NZN, via 3 News