Key dying in a ditch for Steve Joyce

John Key is dying in a ditch defending the campaign debacle overseen by Steve Joyce.

Prime Minister John Key admits National has been delivered a message by Northland – but rejects suggestions it is a tipping point for his Government.

Key told Stuff?Peters ran a good campaign and had massive name recognition up against a relative unknown, National’s Mark Osborne.

But the win was a result of unique circumstances, including Labour throwing its weight behind Peters, turning the contest into a two horse race. People should not read much more into it than that, he said.

“We congratulate him on the win. We will take away some lessons from last night. It’s a simple thing for our opponents to claim it’s the beginning of the end but it really isn’t and it would be massively overstating it (to say otherwise).”

What is rule number one?John?

John Key was on Radio Live this morning uttering the same excuses…name recognition, Labour campaigning for Winston, only a few Nats voted for Winston….blah, blah, blah…explaining is losing John.

Key said Peters ran a smart campaign with a simple message, while National’s was more complicated.? There had also been speculation about the reasons for the shock resignation of former MP Mike Sabin.

An whose fault is that? A complicated campaign message devised and overseen by a guy who lacks the stones to actually stand in an electorate aided and abetted?by?Jo de Joux who is hated by the members because she yells at them.

John Key and Steve Joyce need to start showing something other than arrogance…or things are going to go from bad to worse really fast.


– Fairfax