Key had more pork barrels lined up but bottled it

If you thought the bridge bribe was bad enough, John Key had even more pork barrels lined up for delivery into Northland, but bottled rolling them out after polling showed the voters weren’t pleased.

And stupidly John Key has admitted it.

Prime Minister John Key has admitted National deliberately pulled back from rolling out more promises in the Northland by-election after a backlash to plans to spend tens of millions of dollars on local bridges.

National is in a fight for its life in Northland where local candidate Mark Osborne has been blindsided by NZ First leader Winston Peters, who polls show well ahead.

Key reacted to Peters challenge in the early stages of the campaign with a promise to upgrade 10 one way bridges – a bug bear in Northland where infrastructure has been a key issue in the by-election campaign.

Key had also signalled here would be more spending commitments announced before the campaign was over.

But since the bridge announcement National has only rolled out reheated announcements from the last election.

At a Kiwifruit packing plant in Kerikeri, Key admitted the campaign team decided against rolling out further spending promises after the initial reaction to its announcement on one way bridges..

“Probably on balance we decided there were a few things we wouldn’t announce and instead do them after the by-election.”

He then blames the media…what a prat. Blaming the media…explaining is losing, fool.

Key blamed the media for the decision, saying it had been decided they would “mischaracterise” further promises after the bridge spending was panned as pork ?barrel politics.

But it is likely National’s internal polling picked up a backlash from locals in Northland where a theme of the campaign has been anger over years of neglected infrastructure.

Would that be the internal polling that Joyce dismissed and said was wrong, that is until 3News and One News polls showed that they were actually right? Those polls?

Key said National was in a no win situation..

“If ?I turn up [here] you say well, were desperate to win; if I don’t turn up you say we’re ignoring the Far North. If I announce policies on infrastructure you say we’re trying to bribe people, if we don’t you say we don’t care.”

“That’s politics.”

Yeah…a game that isn’t being played that well by National right now.

I would suggest that we will soon see MPs dropping their sycophantic line of a “John Key led government…” from their repertoire such is the embarrassment right now.


– Fairfax