Kim Dotcom won’t man up, seeking further delays

The fat German crook is seeking yet more delays for his extradition hearing.

He reckons he needs more time…despite having three long years to prepare.

NBR reports:

Kim Dotcom’s lawyer, Ron Mansfield, says the internet entrepreneur needs more time to prepare for extradition proceedings brought by the US government.

The internet party founder returned to the Auckland District Court today to ask Judge Nevin Dawson for his extradition hearing to be moved from June to October this year.

Mr Dotcom is waiting for High Court judge Justice Patricia Courtney to make a decision on whether further funds can be unfrozen on legal costs and living expenses.

Mr Mansfield says the legal team does not even have the money to ”uplift” or transfer the file from former solicitors Simpson Grierson. That firm which dropped Mr Dotcom in November last year, is still owed $2 million.?? ?

“The reality is we are coping but it is not possible for us, even on a no fees basis, to advance defence of the extradition proceeding.”

The lawyer told the court Mr Dotcom “wants to get on with it” but ”is stuck in a time warp” as he cannot advance his defence.

Yeah, whatever fatty.

It is time for the judiciary to stop his legal shenangins and get on with it.

The fact he dumped $4 million on a failed and dud political party and didn’t pay his lawyers is all you need to know about his priorities.

He is now crying poor and says that is the reason for holding up the case…well he only has himself to blame.