Labour and union scumbags lie in report against privately run NHS hospital

It is looking like a massive scandal is erupting in the UK where one of the first privately run NHS facilities in the UK have been stitched up in a report where there were more than 200 factual inaccuracies and cost the contract operator their contract.

The main perpetrators appear to be a union boss and a Labour candidate.

Shocking new evidence has emerged that the first privately run NHS hospital was the victim of a seriously flawed inspection by the health watchdog, containing more than 200 errors.

A damning report by the Care Quality Commission last month rated Hinchingbrooke, in Cambridgeshire, ?inadequate? and gave it the lowest ever score for patient care.

The hospital has now been placed in special measures and Circle, the private firm that had been running it, has pulled out of its contract. At the time, there were suspicions that the CQC?s rating was influenced by Labour party activists and trade union members who opposed the involvement of private firms in the NHS.

And last night new information came to light showing the report contained at least 215 errors. These included inaccurate figures on A&E waiting times, staffing levels, cancer care, medical blunders, falls and bedsores.

All had been overstated or exaggerated and implied that the standards of care and overall performance was far worse than in reality. ?

The watchdog claimed there had been 102 ?serious? blunders by staff last year when actually there were only 42. And while the report suggested nurses were routinely sedating patients ?inappropriately?, the CQC has since admitted that only one patient had been given low-dose sedative drugs overnight and this was with the family?s consent, as he was ?distressed?.

The watchdog also claimed there were ?higher? than average levels of bedsores and urinary infections. The watchdog has since admitted that actually there is a ?low incidence? of such cases.

The evidence is contained in a letter written by Circle?s chief executive, Steve Melton, to MPs on the Public Accounts Committee, who are carrying out their own investigation into the hospital. Circle claims there were 288 ?factual inaccuracies? in the report. The watchdog has accepted 215 of these, but refused to change its overall rating for the hospital.

In his letter, Mr Melton said the CQC has refused to provide evidence to back up many of its claims, which included allegations that patients were told to soil themselves or pinched by nurses.

He also said the report used ?inflammatory language?, claiming that patients were being treated in an ?emotionally abusive manner?.

There are concerns that the errors were deliberately inserted by ?politically motivated? individuals anxious to scupper the private contract.

And who was responsible?

It looks like these ratbags.

Last month, it emerged that inspector Dr Nigel Sturrock was a member of campaign group Keep Our NHS Public. A doctor suspected of influencing the report?s criticism of children?s services in the A&E unit is the Labour candidate to be the area?s MP. And the lead inspector, Dr Jonathan Fielden, was previously a senior member of the BMA, the doctors? trade union, who had warned of the dangers of privatisation ? and he had never carried out an inspection. The CQC has since changed its policy to ensure inspectors declare links to organisations which may influence their judgement.

I’d say that Circle will lawyer up now and go to town on these scumbags.

– Daily Mail