Labour continue their slimy Northland non-campaign


Labour leader Andrew Little has refused to ask voters to back his party’s candidate in his second and last visit to Northland before its upcoming by-election.

When asked by ONE News who locals should vote for in the by-election, Mr Little repeatedly shied away from supporting Ms Prime.

“No, they are going to look around and they have to make the decision about what’s best. If they want to say they are sick and tired of being neglected, they are going to have to decide how they do that and vote accordingly,” he said.

Even Ms Prime refused to say voters should back her.

“I’m not here to tell people how to vote. It’s a choice for them to make.”

What’s with the lame denials? ?Labour voters need to get the message loud and clear. ?The ones that follow the news already know what to do. ?How are the blind followers going to get the message to swap Red for Black?

Mr Osborne says Labour has sacrificed their own candidate to give Mr Peters a better chance.

“They seem to have thrown poor Willow-Jean under the bus, under Winston’s bus in fact. Look, that’s up to them. We’re running our own campaign.”

Are you Mark? ?All you seem to be doing is standing in other MPs shadows and hoping for some reflected glory.


– One News