Labour to refund donations

Sadly, not the secret ones that got laundered through Greg Presland’s dodgy trust on behalf of David Cunliffe. ? And God knows, Labour need money.

Why on earth would they want to give any of it back?

The [Labour] party has offered to refund money donated to fund a leaflet-drop for candidate Willow-Jean Prime after the party hinted its voters should actually support New Zealand First leader Winston Peters.

“We have a policy that if people are not happy with the way their money, their donation, has been used we can refund the donation,” says Labour leader Andrew Little.

His comment comes after 3 News obtained an email sent out on March 5 requesting donations for a leaflet drop. It said the party would need to use New Zealand Post to get the leaflets out to potential voters, something which costs money. Each leaflet costs about $1 to send – the price of the stamp, envelope and printing the leaflet.

But just three days later Mr Little took out Ms Prime as a real choice, hinting that Labour supporters should vote for Mr Peters, and the pamphlet was changed, taking out the crucial words “vote for Willow”.

“The first pamphlet I think related specifically to voting for Willow-Jean Prime, the second pamphlet said to get out to vote and vote in a way that’s best for Northland,” says Mr Little.

In fact, Mr Peters wanted Labour to go even further and pull down her signs as well.

“If Willow really wants to help the north, if I was her I’d pull the signs down,” he says.

What a total mess. ?What it really means is that Labour weren’t smart enough to realise they were going to pull up lame a few days before they decided to pull up lame. ?So they were still trying to get a Labour campaign going even when everyone was saying “why aren’t Labour pulling a swifty here?”

And now the pressure is on Little to hand all those dollars back.

Word from Fraser House is that enough died-in-the-wool Labour people in Northland that had parted with their cash are horrified it is now going towards Labour campaigning for Winston to win the seat.

And Angry Andy is now back paddling talking about refunds.

You know, Labour are such a mess, they aren’t capable of doing anything right. ?They blunder into doing the right thing rather than actually deciding to do it. ? This is normally great for Key and the National Party, but this time, with Winston the one reaping all the benefits of bumbling fools in the red and blue camps.

What a mess.


– 3 News