Land-owners let down by politicians in kauri case

Politicians are a scary prospect at times.

We vote for them to run our cities and country and it appears that they don’t understand the law one bit.

If you’re gonna be a politician – at least get to know the laws of the land just so you don’t look like a prize goose when you mouth off about an issue or try to look like you’re doing something about it.

The Great Titirangi Kauri Tree caper has to be one of those moments when we collectively wonder just how bright our civic and national leaders are.

They all rushed out there, held meetings and expressed concern for the said tree, whilst openly stating they were trying to do something about it.

The fact is, there was and is no legal grounds on which they politicians could resolve the issue.

The Resource Consent can’t be revoked. Most likely a Judicial Review on process would fail to pass the required threshold test to succeed and so everyone was powerless to do anything at all.?

So why not just say that?

Whilst some might say ‘that’s politics’ there is a scarier prospect that actually – they didn’t know.

The possibility is very high that Penny? Hulse, Len Brown, David Cunliffe, old Nick Smith and New Zealand’s favourite granny Maggie Barry?and others actually stupidly thought – they could resolve the issue and save the tree.

Nobody, not once stated the facts. For a start it just is not possible for that tree to be 500 years old.

A smart polly might have done just that, at last making it obvious the horse has bolted. Then truthfully offered up that the only opportunity was to broker a deal and motivate the land owner to change their plans with a cash incentive.

We should take stock of this, and ask ourselves how basic RMA 101 is not part of the standard skill set of politicians in this land.

Scary times.