Len Brown hedging his bets over Port

Nobody believes Len Brown for a second that he and his Council have been powerless to stop the ports from obtaining a Resource Consent to extend wharves.

Auckland mayor Len Brown said he is hoping discussions with the Ports of Auckland will result in the port “cooling their heels” on the construction of two massive wharf extensions, due to begin next month.

Mr Brown told TV3’s The Nation today that a study on the economic, environmental and social impact of the port on wider Auckland has begun.

He has told the council and the port that he wants discussions around the study between the council and Port of Auckland to be held in the coming days and weeks ahead of the start date on the extensions. ?

“I’ve indicated to our councillors and to the port that I want… a discussion that relates to the port cooling their heels and taking a breather.”

Mr Brown said he sees some of the merits around the wharf extensions but isn’t entirely convinced.

Firstly the Council own the ports company. As shareholder it can wade in to call on governance issues and decisions that might affect it.

Secondly Council has been working quite closely with Ports of Auckland on study’s and plans to relocate port activities from Queens wharf, Captain Cook Wharf and Marsden wharf so that Council can take back ownership of those wharves to convert them to public space and redevelop them as an extension of our waterfront.

Len must be dumb as a bag of hammers if he thinks the public can’t keep track of his lies.

He forgets what he has said on day one by day five leading to conflicting statements of position.

And his Council aren’t much better.

Aucklanders deserve much more than this.

We deserve public officials and politicians who can operate within the rule of law whilst being open, honest and transparent. These are the distinct traits that underline the characteristics of a society free from corruption.


– NZ Herald