Len Brown loses the plot

Auckland Mayor Len Brown today walked out of a council meeting following a stoush with councillor Cathy Casey over port expansion.

After pushing for a debate on the issue as an item of extraordinary business, Ms Casey responded to Mr Brown’s refusal to the request by accusing the mayor of not listening to the people of Auckland.

When Mr Brown asked Ms Casey to withdraw her comment because he regarded it as a personal insult, and she didn’t, he asked her to leave the chamber at the Orewa service centre.

Mr Brown then walked out.

The meeting resumed about 20 minutes later when Ms Casey agreed to apologise and withdrew her comment.

It’s just a stunt so he could diffuse a losing situation. ?With everything that has been said and written about Len Brown over the last few years you can not possibly assume there is anything said in a council meeting that he will take as a personal insult except if it suits him to grandstand.

Lenny no mates is spiraling down.

Enjoy your final moments in the limelight Len.


– NZ Herald