Lenny No Mates

Len Brown has no mates, despite his protestations.

Auckland Mayor Len Brown has lost the backing of key members of his campaign team, who are turning their attention to other left-leaning candidates at next year’s local body elections.

The Herald has learned of a meeting last month where key campaign and mayoral advisers delivered the “blunt message” to Mr Brown that he has no chance of winning and should step down.

Mr Brown was told he would receive no financial backing, political support or volunteers to erect billboards and deliver pamphlets for a campaign where his sex life would be centre stage. ??

One source said Mr Brown’s wife, Shan Inglis, who stuck by her husband after the publicised affair with council adviser Bevan Chuang, did not deserve to be “dragged through the sewer” again.

Last night, Mr Brown issued a statement saying he enjoyed the support of his campaign team.

“I meet with lots of people all of the time who give me advice on all sorts of things, that’s the nature of the job,” Mr Brown said.

At least two of Mr Brown’s inner circle have held talks with Mt Roskill MP and former Labour leader Phil Goff about standing for the mayoralty.

There is also support for deputy mayor Penny Hulse, who has expressed interest but said she would never stand against Mr Brown.

Penny Hulse is doing the numbers and is garnering support outside of Len Brown’s South Auckland stronghold.

Phil Goff is looking for a sure thing and Labour insiders tell me that Goff thinks the Auckland Mayoralty is beneath him…he’d prefer an overseas posting.

Either way Len Brown is stuffed…it is only his extreme narcissism that keeps him going.

The Herald has four sources and they are all talking…Len’s time is up.


– NZ Herald