Let’s cut short this pathetic media circus


Dear New Zealanders

New Zealand belongs to a group of countries that includes Canada, the UK, the USA and Australia, more recently referred to as “the club”. ?They operate communications surveillance bases.

In the course of their work, they have the potential to monitor all communications (more or less), and pick and choose what may be of interest depending on a set of criteria that are by and large the same but may change over time depending on emerging threats to national security.

Now here I’m going to cut short the stupid media circus that has been brought to town by David Fisher, Matt Nippert and Nicky Hager:

By definition, this surveillance?captures information from any source at all. ?This includes Australia, the USA as well as China, Vanuatu, Mexico and Liechtenstein.

This is nothing new. ?This has all been covered before.

What Nippert, Fisher and Hager don’t tell you (and you have to wonder why), is that China are spying on everyone else. ?As is Russia, Israel, France and so on.

If there is one thing that is outrageous, it’s that someone like Nicky Hager, Fisher and Nippert can get on a soap box trying to feed the public the “outrage” of people’s private information being intercepted, when they do this as part of their work almost every single day themselves.

Hager, Fisher and Nippert have been spying on New Zealanders for decades, sometimes taking the product of crime (Hollow Men, Dirty Politics). ? And now they are attempting to create anti-government feeling because somehow when the government does it in the interest of national security, it needs “exposing”, and when they do it, it is the product of journalism and it should be allowed for sake of freedom and transparency.

Even the Herald’s own readers are over it. ?They can’t see where the fire is.

Why are Nippert, Hager and Fisher trying to sell the idea that interception of information without the knowledge or permission of the ‘owner’ or originator is a bad thing when they themselves do this every single working day?

It is not the process of gathering the information that is of concern. ?It is how it is used. ?And until they can come up with clear abuses of power, or even better, something illegal, they’ve got no story.

The fact that all our emails/communications are?potentially able to be intercepted is no news. ?All reasonable thinking human beings realise that’s what’s needed to keep an eye on our own Jihadi Johns.

Surveillance is legal. It is necessary. It is as old as humanity. ?We want the police to do it. ?We hire private investigators to do it. ?We employ people around the world to give us information about markets and legal problems so our companies are well informed. ?Information gathering is what happens every day.

I have my own spies (informants) all over the country and parts of the world. ?So does Hager. ? So do Nippert and Fisher.

So why can’t governments do it?