Love the hype: “jihadi bride school is centre of terror probe”

A London school ‘gave birth’ to an astonishing 4 ‘jihadi brides’, and the Brits want to know why

The school where four pupils fled to Syria to become ?jihadi brides? is to be investigated by counter-extremism officials.

The probe at Bethnal Green Academy has been launched after four girls left their homes to join Islamic State.

Fears of a wider problem of fanaticism at the school in East London have emerged when four of their friends and fellow pupils had their passports confiscated before they could make the same journey.

One of these, a 15-year-old girl who cannot be named for legal reasons, was stopped as her British Airways flight to Istanbul taxied for take-off.

The Department for Education said officers from its ?due diligence and counter-extremism division? will investigate potential links to extremism.

The academy, rated as ?outstanding? in its 2012 Ofsted review, is currently putting on weekly talks for parents giving advice on the issue.

But parents fear this is merely ?papering over the cracks? and have called for a thorough investigation. Parents have also started holding their own meetings to discuss the growing problem of Islamic fundamentalism at the school.

When you live in a Western Country, and you are having a problem with increasing Islamic fundamentalism at a state funded school, you might as well turn the light off and close the door as you leave.

How did the UK allow it to come to this? ?And what can we do to make sure we never follow in its footsteps. ? This all happened over the last 50 years. ?Two generations, and you don’t recognise the country you grew up in.

The problem is that the change happens so slowly, and each incremental step is so innocuous, there is nothing you can do.

Except not create the same conditions to start with.

Study. ?Learn. ?Plan. ?Implement.

– Daily Mail