Medicinal Cannabis – Of course the data is limited, that’s what happens when you ban something for decades

Peter Dunne is whining that data is limited on the effectiveness of medicinal cannabis.

Let me tell you this, there is more evidence on medicinal cannabis than there has ever been on synthetics…and parliamentarians rushed to try and ban those substances on flimsy evidence which amounted to not much more than some outrage outside corner stores.

A government investigation into the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes has found little evidence to support a wider review.

Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne called on the Ministry of Health to provide a report, amid growing domestic and international pressure to legalise the drug’s use among certain patients.

The report said although some research had found evidence was accumulating to show cannabinoids might be useful to treat some ailments, overall, data was limited.

“To date, clinical trials of unprocessed or partially-processed cannabis products have suffered from limited participant numbers and lack of data on long term effects.

“Results can’t be compared across trials because they have used different products in different patient groups,” the ministry said.

A 2013 review of trials on adults with HIV or AIDS concluded evidence for the effectiveness and safety of medicinal cannabis was lacking.

But the report cited “recent developments” in Australia toward allowing the use of medicinal cannabis.

Of course evidence is lacking, the product has been illegal for more than 70 years…you can’t research it, and this is what has happened in the US.

The best thing Peter Dunne could do is start getting his health people to commission some independent studies…and get some evidence.

To simply say there isn’t enough evidence is just pathetic, and smacks of head in the sand attitudes.

Cannabis legalisation is coming whether Peter Dunne likes it or not…best he get with the programme and be sensible about it or get rinsed next election.

[T]he ministry here said one of the major challenges to any potential law change would be developing a regulatory regime for the production, manufacture and supply of cannabis to patients. Dunne, who spoke on the topic at the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs meeting in Vienna last week, said the evidence was “underwhelming”.

“So I took the opportunity there to discuss with both the United States Federal Director of Drug Policy and Australia’s Assistant Health Minister on the work being done in both countries in the area of clinical trials.

“In both cases, the response was similar: it is simply too early to draw definitive conclusions.”

The Government would not be changing its stance on the use of medicinal cannabis, but Dunne said it needed to be addressed as and when new evidence emerged.

This is hilarious…the same people saying there is no evidence and so we won’t do anything are the same people who recommended a plain packaging ban on cigarettes despite there being no evidence to suggest it works and more than enough evidence, especially out of Australia to show it fails.

Peter Dunne is showing cowardice in the face of logic.


– Fairfax