My Boxing Journey: From Fat to Fit – Part Two

I wasn’t going to write a part two, but there are so many things that I have experienced over the past 8 weeks that I really should do more.

Since the fight there have been more than a few nasties out there, plenty on the left who are too gutless to step through the ropes themselves, and all of whom forget that what I did was for a charity.

None though are prepared to say to my face what they say on Twitter or Facebook.

But here is the real reason why I share things about my battle with depression, or weight-loss or boxing…so that others may learn and not allow what it is that is hampering their own progress to impede them any longer.

I feel that if I share then they should be able to, and especially for dealing with depression this is very important.

For every hater who is so consumed with their personal beef with me when they don’t even know me there are plenty of others who quietly write me heart-felt emails about changes that have come about for them as a result of what I have written.

I write this blog for me and no one else…but sometimes what I write or do helps others.

Let me tell you about after the event…I was walking out to the car where my gear was…the event was over and people were leaving.

It was Christchurch and the media had created a negative frenzy about me…problem was I was being congratulated by everyone…it was humbling…there was certainly not any animosity or so I thought.

As I walked over to the car a guy called out from across the car park. He waved me over….uh oh…Christchurch…big massive guy…more big massive guys nearby…just me…where’s my mates? ? ?

Now this guy was massive…easily 6’10”, and I guessed over 150kg…I was more than a little out.

He asked me if I was from Christchurch and we got talking. I said no of course and asked why.

He said he had seen me in the ring, and heard that I’d lost 17 kilos…and saw that boxing had made an improvement in my fitness and well being.

He told me that it had inspired him and he now wanted to do something about his weight.

I asked how much he weighed…it was over 200kgs…he really was massive.

It as humbling that here was this man mountain inspired to do something about his health as a result of me spending 1 minute and 1 second in?the?ring.

I told him to look up a couple of boxing gyms that I knew of, and I really hope he does.

He clapped me on?the?shoulder and congratulated me.

This is why I do what I do, and help where I can.

The haters can hate, the mockers can mock, but even if just one person or kid is helped because of what I did then I am happy about that.

I have had nothing but positive feedback, the negative stuff is so tiny and from such inconsequential people that it is really irrelevant.

I do what I do for me, and if it benefits others then that is a bonus.

Almost everyone I encountered in boxing circles in?the?past 8 weeks have been some of the most generous and genuine people I have ever met.

Boxing is real…it doesn’t get much more real than two blokes in a ring with nowhere to run.

More to come…I’m enjoying writing about this.