Name suppression for “prominent New Zealander” charged with sex crimes continues


A prominent New Zealander facing 12 charges of indecent assault has retained name suppression.

Judge Roy Wade denied the man name suppression in February in the District Court but the man lodged an appeal last week.

That appeal was heard on Thursday in the High Court by Justice Raynor Asher.

Asher ruled that suppression should remain through to trial.

Most other details of the case are suppressed to protect the identity of the victims.

The man has pleaded not guilty and elected trial by jury. He remains on bail.

I can see the sense in keeping the suppression in place for the duration of the trial. ?The argument that this man’s prominence and his alleged sex crimes would cause a huge media reaction is reasonable.

Still. ?He can but pray he can convince a judge to issue him with permanent suppression. ?Too many of those walking around our communities already though.


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