National stops paying teen slappers


Social Development Minister Anne Tolley says the number of young mothers requiring a benefit has almost halved since 2009, meaning better lives for these families and fewer long-term beneficiaries.

Figures show that there were 48 per cent fewer teen mums on main benefits at the end of 2014 compared to 2009.

Teen parents spend an average 19 years on a benefit, and have some of the highest lifetime costs of any group on welfare.

?The significant reduction in teen mums on benefit is very pleasing, following the range of supports that this Government has provided to young parents,? says Mrs Tolley.

?Through our major investment in Youth Services we are enabling these young people to take part in education and training to give them the tools they need to get into employment.

?Alongside this we have increased their access to budgeting and parenting courses and childcare.

?We want to see these young mums become successful, independent women with children who are thriving, rather than relying on benefits for decades to come.

?These statistics show that they are taking full advantage of the opportunities provided, which is great news for these young families and for taxpayers.?

This is excellent stuff, and it won’t get the credit and publicity it deserves. ?There are real lives in those numbers. ?Lives that are better for not becoming pregnant in the first place, and lives that don’t require government assistance.