National’s Campaign Manager on Election Day

The National Party has a silly view that campaigners should not be paid. Yet they happily pay Jo de Joux to run campaigns like the Northland by election campaign. This is despite de Joux being the most loathed person in the National Party because she yells and screams at members, volunteers, and just about every back bench MP.

A proper campaign manager in a tough fight where their reputation is on the line spends election day working with the volunteers calling all the blue dots and making sure they have voted. They make sure the volunteers know that they appreciate the help of the volunteers and demonstrate this by doing the yeoman work on E Day on the phones or delivering lunches to scrutineers.

If they are not doing this they keep a very low profile. Which begs the question what the hell was de Joux thinking posting on Facebook on the afternoon of a by election? ?

She posted a photo of her kid and a dog on the sofa, relaxing…while the party was taking a drubbing at the polls. Nice for some to relax on polling day…unlike those volunteers out there working on polling day, those who have had weeks of being yelled at.

Readers would be surprised at how many times this photo was sent through the tip line. Members were disgusted that their highly paid campaign manager was at home not working the campaign that she has to take responsibility for. The tip line had all sorts of comments, especially from people that de Joux has yelled at over the years, as volunteers in a polite, gentile party like National remember when some highly paid bitch from HQ yells and screams at them.