National’s Northland Clusterwhatsit


National got a hiding in Northland, losing by 4012 votes. This is a bloody nose for National and John Key, but Key needs to take a step back and start thinking if his team is as good as he thinks they are.

The whole by election was a complete cock up from beginning to end. National buggered around with the selection process leaving their candidate the last to be selected and much less time to campaign than they could have had if they had have selected their candidate early. This is the party?s responsibility so the president, Peter Goodfellow, needs a good kick in the arse over this.

The campaign itself was completely botched by campaign supremo Steven Joyce. He has to take responsibility for the politically retarded pork barrel politics that got National offside with the thinking voter. He also needs to take the blame for sending ministers in ministerial limos to a street fight against a canny, cunning old political master like Winston Peters.

Joyce?s key offsider, Jo de Joux, also needs to take a lot of the blame for the shoddy way the Northland campaign was run. It took a week to get hoardings up, and as former Labour President Mike ?Fat Tony? Williams keeps saying, he used to try to get hoarding up within 24 hours of the candidate being selected. It defies belief that de Joux couldn?t get hoardings organised immediately after the selection. National is one of the biggest buyers of hoardings in the country, and getting five hoardings mocked up by the hoardings company before selection is not that difficult.

The gloss has come off the so called star duo of Joyce and de Joux, and they have been shown to be very average when their pack is going backwards.

The other person on the campaign who?s career has been damaged by his appalling performance is Sean Topham. This annoying Young Nat has been tolerated so far but someone need to take him out the back of the club rooms and give him a good hiding for yelling at volunteers. He has learned this from de Joux, who is a right screamer, and it needs to be beaten out of him or he will be rinsed at every selection he ever stands for because National Party members don?t like being yelled at, and will think that Topham cannot perform under pressure.