Netanyahu and Likud triumph in Israeli elections, and boy is Obama pissed

Yet again the liberal media, instead of reporting facts, reported what they wanted to happen…and that for Benjamin Netanyahu and Likud to take a bath int he Israeli general election.

Unfortunately for them Israeli voters can see through their overt campaigning and returned Likud and Netanyahu.

On Tuesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, shunned by the President of the United States and buffeted by an Israeli left willing to pull out all the stops to oust him, pulled off a shocking electoral upset. According to all three exit polls done by the major Israeli news channels, Netanyahu?s Likud Party either tied or beat the Zionist Union party, a coalition of Labor, led by Israel Herzog, and Hatnuah, led by Tzipi Livni.

More importantly, the various right-wing parties held a slight edge over the left-wing and Arab parties in Knesset, giving Netanyahu the best shot of forming an electoral coalition. According to the Jerusalem Post, ?The two main possible coalitions are a national unity government of 77 or 78 seats or a right-wing government with 63-66.? Netanyahu tweeted, ?Against all odds, a great victory for Likud. A major victory for the people of Israel!? ?


The media dismay at Netanyahu?s victory cannot be overstated: CNN, MSNBC, and the BBC are heartbroken at his victory over President Obama?s chosen candidate, Herzog.

And Obama is pissed, his official spokesman couldn’t even utter Netanyahu’s name in a CNN interview.

Arab representation has increased as well under their version of MMP, yes Arabs can stand for parliament in Israel, the Middle East’s only functioning democracy.

While the left-wing and the media like to cuddle up ti Israel’s enemies, only Israel is a parliamentary democracy…every other country int he region is beset by corruption, civil war, dictatorship or lawlessness, and either harbours or is controlled by terror organisations. Those are the friends of the media and the left-wing.


– Truth Revolt