New Labour Party president Nigel Haworth must learn to put the horse before the cart


This bodes well for everyone except the Labour Party

The new president of the Labour party says his priority will be to sell the opposition as the government in waiting.

Nigel Haworth said things were looking up for the party and membership was growing strongly.

Mr Haworth said the next step for Labour was to show the public it was a viable alternative to the National-led government.

“One of the big issues we faced in 2014 was that we never quite got over what I call the credibility hurdle, despite having good policies and despite having good people on the ground.

“So we’ve got to get into people’s minds clearly as the party in waiting that will govern.”

Mr Haworth said that will be accomplished by appearing unified, focused and forward looking, and having policies that resonate with the public.

Labour must start acting like a government in waiting before the public will remotely consider them for the job. ?That’s totally aside from the fact that even if Labour were to look more competent, even most Labour voters can’t stand the idea of having to share political power with the NZ Green Party.

But don’t worry, we’re not even close to that. ?In the mean time, we have the Labour Party that has no money. ?Has a leader that is the lowest list MP that has no majority support from his caucus. ? The leader is getting white anted by every other failed leader and their supporters, if only out of spite.

And the new party president wants them to act like a government in waiting.

I tell you what the president needs to do. ?1) ?Get money, and lots of it. ?2) Put pressure on the old guard it’s time to move on during this term. ?Yes, including King and Mallard. ? 3) ?Dump Ardern off the front bench. ?The fact she’s there for eye candy is even starting to offend me now. ?This from a party that wants to do everything by the PC book. ?4) ?Tell everyone there isn’t a gay wing, a women’s wing, a union wing or an old pricks wing any longer – they are all Labour people first and last. ?Anyone who doesn’t get it won’t have a career. ?5) ?Start stealing all of National’s policies, but with just a?gentle push to the left. ?6) ?Go around all the electorates and tell them the days of democracy are over. ?Either they put up the candidates that the party can use, or they can go into a political wilderness.

Then wait. ?Because then Labour will truly be a government in waiting.