New Zealand muslims want to talk to John Key

John Key says he’ll “certainly” meet with Muslim leaders who want to talk to him about tackling potential terrorist threats.

The Federation of Islamic Associations says it hasn’t had a response to written requests to meet with Mr Key to discuss recent anti-terrorism legislation and the decision to send Kiwi troops to Iraq.

“I’ll certainly meet with them, and when I don’t know,” Mr Key told reporters today.

Mr Key says his office gets “hundreds and hundreds” of letters, requests and invitations and he doesn’t “control that process”.

“There’s an army of people who do. But I do see Muslim leaders when I go to things. I am going to a mosque pretty soon I’m aware of, but I’m more than happy to meet Muslim leaders.”

There is a very, very basic test for any Muslim in New Zealand. ? When something happens, are they a New Zealander first, or a Muslim first? ? For example, if a woman wearing a t-shirt and shorts is set upon by men, would a New Zealand Muslim policeman act for the woman, or agree with the men?

The test gets harder when a Muslim blows up a Jewish business. ?Will the Muslims leaders that want to meet with Key condemn the killing of Jews and call for the Muslim to be put through the New Zealand legal system? ?

Mr Key disclosed on TVNZ’s Q A on Sunday that the number of people on New Zealand’s terrorism watchlist is growing, with 35-40 people on the intensive watchlist and “a growing group of 60-70” on a further watchlist.

The Federation of Islamic Associations acting president, Javed Khan, has reportedly said the federation would like to know who was on the watchlist so it could help with efforts to combat Islamic State.

Asked if he’s prepared to tell the association those names, Mr Key said he’d have to get legal advice on that “and I suspect I wouldn’t be able to do that for privacy reasons”.

“But I’m certainly happy to talk to them about the wider issue. And I think they do have discussions at lots of different levels with Government about the broader issues.”

Mr Key reaffirmed his view that “the vast, vast overwhelming bulk of Muslim New Zealanders are great, decent peace-loving, good people”.

International surveys show that about 30-45% of Mulsims living in non-Muslim countries prefer Sharia law. ?And they sympathise with clerics that preach “pure” (or extreme) Islam.

As I said above. ?Are New Zealand Muslims New Zealanders before they are Muslim? ?If not, then perhaps they shouldn’t live here.

In fact, for our own safety, they must not live here.

There will be a proportion of Muslims living in our country that sit there nodding approvingly as they watch TV about gays being thrown from buildings, or Christians being beheaded. ?They are already here.

The first step we must take is to ensure no others join them. ? And then, for those that already live here, we make sure that our national security interests are placed before their religious sensibilities.


– One News