No more delays for Dotcom says judge



Tick, tock, time’s nearly up for Kim Dotcom after a judge turned down his request to delay his extradition proceedings until October.

NBR reports:

Kim Dotcom and his co-accused have lost a bid to delay their extradition hearing to October this year.

The US government wants Mr Dotcom and co-accused Finn Batato, Mathias Ortmann and Bram van der Kolk to go the US to face copyright infringement charges for their roles in file-sharing site Mega Upload. ?

Today Mr Dotcom?s lawyer Ron Mansfield told NBR ONLINE that Judge Nevin Dawson has declined their application to move the hearing from June 2.

Mr Mansfield says reasons for the decision have not yet been released but the legal team will be reviewing the judgment of the Auckland District Court.

Enough is enough for this clown, time he was shipped out.

If he is so certain of his case he should jump on a plane and go defend himself.

The problem he has though is one of the accused is now one of the guilty after having cut a deal with the Feds. In these sorts of cases it is first up best dressed when it comes to deal making.