NO surprise: Winston Peters won?t commit to Northland if he loses byelection


New Zealand First leader Winston Peters hopes to stand in Northland again in 2017 if he wins the byelection but will not commit to the seat if he loses.

Asked if he would stand again in 2017 Mr Peters, 69, said those decisions would be made closer to the election.

“But the reality is, do I want to have a period to deliver for Northland from a parliamentary seat as their representative? Yes, I would.”

Asked if he would stand again even if he lost, he replied, “We are not going into this campaign to lose.”

After Mr Peters announced his campaign, Prime Minister John Key and Labour leader Andrew Little both pointed to his age, saying he was clearly at the end of his career while their candidates were at the start.

Mr Peters’ comments about his future plans were firmer than last week, when he refused to say if he would stand in 2017.

Asked if Northlanders deserved to know if he was in for the long haul or simply the rest of this term, he replied that his long career in politics proved he knew what the long haul was.

Winston’s platform is to “send them a message”.

It is naked and blatant. ? Do not vote for Winston because he’ll do the right thing by Northland, vote for Winston to shaft John Key and put Peter Dunne in a position where he gets to choose which of National’s policies are going to pass and which do not.

Winston has no commitment to the people of Northland, as clearly demonstrated by his 40 year absence and the fact NZ First hasn’t competed for the seat in the last election.

Send a message? ? How about an email?

Putting Winston in a position where his hairdresser becomes a list MP for Southland and Peter Dunne becomes the arbiter of RMA reform in the face of 48% of the people voting for National and … next to 0% for Peter Dunne, I’m not sure what sort of “message” Winston wants the Northland electorate to send John Key.

It seems pretty retarded, especially as Peters has no interest in serving Northland.


– Claire Trevett, NZ Herald