Northland is not feeling neglected at all. It is angry

Prime Minister John Key has vowed to do all he can over the next two and a-half years to win Northland back after voters dealt his party a humiliating defeat.

Mr Key acknowledged the party had work to do in Northland — a contrast to his stance when he gave Mr Peters “zero chance” of winning.

“The region has been struggling for decades and although we have been making progress, Northlanders have clearly told us they are not satisfied with the rate of progress and we understand that,” Mr Key said from Melbourne, where he had gone to watch the Cricket World Cup final rather than spend Saturday with his Northland candidate.

“I’d like to assure Northlanders we’re going to continue to work hard to deliver more progress. We plan to work hard to win the seat back in the general election in two and a-half years.”

Mr Osborne spent the night with supporters and Ministers Steven Joyce, Paula Bennett and Nikki Kaye at the Bay of Islands Golf Club in Kerikeri. He put the party’s historic loss down to “a perfect storm” of factors. They included the challenges of fighting a byelection, Labour voters’ support for Mr Peters, and Mr Peters’ name recognition. He did not believe Northland had been neglected, but acknowledged the region faced long-standing challenges.

All this is being sheeted home by Peters, the media and the National election Dream Team to the Northland electorate feeling?neglected. ?But not even Mark Osborne himself believes this, and he should know.

If this was true in any genuine sense, then National would not have seen a 13,300 vote swing against it on the back of a lower turnout than the general election. ?A 13,300 swing against the government a mere six months after the general election. ?And two of those months were political holidays.

There is no way that Northland changed it’s mind that much in this period – it has to be precipitated by?something else.

Something has made the electorate mad with National. ? It’s hard to see why, isn’t it? ?Or is it?

Go right back to Sabin, the fact we are not allowed to know what happened to make him resign, the total and complete cover-up, and John Key’s clear statement that in spite of what happened, he was planning to promote him as a minister ahead of many other candidates.


– NZME via ODT