Northland is sick of Labour screwing them over

National says a deal has been done and Mr Little should just come out and say it.

National’s Northland man Mark Osborne out campaigning hard – the threat of Winston peters now an even bigger force thanks to Andrew Little, who’s hinted that the way to get national out is to vote for Peters.

“If they are frustrated at being neglected for so long, they’ve got a vote,” says Mr Little. “They’ve got one vote in the by-election. They’re intelligent enough to know how to use that vote to make sure that they send a message to the Government.”

“Send them a message” sounds familiar ? it’s a Mr Peters slogan.

National’s campaign manager, Steven Joyce, says Mr Little should be clear on his own message instead of relying on hints.

“He’s being cute. If there’s a deal come out and say it.”

Mr Little denies there’s a deal and wouldn’t say black and white vote Mr Peters, but he wasn’t throwing his whole weight behind his candidate either.

“She’s an outstanding candidate and she will be in Parliament at some stage,” says Mr Little. “I’d like to be sooner rather than later, but the voters in Northland, they need to exercise their vote.”

Willow-Jean Prime appears to have been undercut by Mr Little’s move, just yesterday saying she won’t go down without a fight. Neither will National’s man, who wants to hold on to the previously safe National seat.

As you may recall, Kelvin Davis was told to pull up lame by Labour so that Hone Harawira and Laila Harre would make it to parliament.

When it comes to Northland, Labour are more interested in who they can do a deal with to upset the apple cart rather than speak directly to the electorate and honestly tell them what a local Labour MP will do for?them.

Apparently, according to Labour, Northland voters are best served by voting for a 70 year old that has not cared about the electorate for 40 years, is only there to provide a conduit for a protest vote, and won’t be seen again as soon as the results are in.

At this stage, even Northland Labour voters will get a better deal by voting National – at least it will be a candidate that’s going to be a local that will fight for local people.

– 3 News