Norway makes one step forward and two steps back

Today I read about how the government of Norway( despite public opposition to their decision) deported 824 Muslims. According to many different reports on the internet this resulted in a 30-31% decrease in violent crime. Reading this made me think that if such an unpopular decision had such measurable and pleasing results that it would enable the Government to make more sensible non politically correct decisions to protect its country.

Unfortunately they are not consistent in their decisions as a man I would consider public enemy number one in Norway was not deported back to Iraq because he risks the death penalty there.

Mullah Krekar (original name: Najmeddine Faraj Ahmad) is a Kurd who moved from Iraq to Norway in 1991

Mullah Krekar (original name: Najmeddine Faraj Ahmad) is a Kurd who moved from Iraq to Norway in 1991

This is a man who has spoken at length about how he and Islam supports murdering anyone who burns a Koran or draws a cartoon of Muhammad. This is a man who in 2012 was sentenced to 5 years in prison for making repeated death threats against Norwegian politicians and kurds if they pursued certain civil actions against him. This is a man who ..

was the original leader of the Islamist armed group Ansar al-Islam, which was set up and commenced operations in Kurdistan while he had refugee status in Norway. Krekar claims, however, not to have had foreknowledge of the various terrorist attacks performed by the group he was leading. Since February 2003 he has an expulsion order against him, which is suspended pending Iraqi government guarantees that he will not face torture or execution. Norway is committed to international treaties which prohibit the expulsion of an individual without such a guarantee.[2]

Authorities in the Kurdistan Regional Government have repeatedly asked for Ahmad (“Krekar”) to be extradited from Norway… He has as of 8 December 2006 been on the UN terror list,[3] and as of 8 November 2007 been judged by the Supreme Court of Norway as a “danger to national security”.[4]


This man, this incredibly honest and dangerous man has instead been moved to a remote village. He is a danger to National Security yet the authorities choose to endanger the lives of the villagers in Norway rather than risk endangering his life by returning him to face justice in the country he ‘ allegedly ‘ committed crimes in.

Men like him should be held up as examples of what Islam truly is. Like Anjum Chaudry in the UK he is very honest about the true face of Islam. He and Chaudry do not lie in order to make us feel safe as they both are totally upfront and honest about Islam and its impact on Infidels and the Western world.

If we lose this battle the history books should not record that we were overcome by stealth. Even though plenty in Islam do lie to hide their true intentions there are also plenty of honest leaders of Islam like Mullah Krekar and Anjum Chaudry who for years have confidently and clearly been outlining what Islam has planned for the Western world.

I think that their honesty should be rewarded with deportation. If that means that their lives may be in danger I am prepared to take that risk. After all just by writing articles critical of Islam I have put my life at risk. If I am prepared to take that risk for my beliefs I think it is well past time we let them take that risk too. There is also the point of view that when faced with two evils we should take the lesser of the two evils. They may be killed if deported but if they stay how many Infidels will pay with their lives?? Sometimes we have to sacrifice one for the good of the many. Islam is very familiar with this concept as they use suicide bombers to achieve their goals.

Norway has made one positive step in the right direction. It is up to them now to step forward again instead of stepping back. Mullah Krekar must be removed from Norway one way or the other. When you have cancer you cut it out before it spreads. Mullah Krekar and Anjum Chaudry are cancerous cells that cannot be allowed to remain in the host body of Norway and the United Kingdom. This kind of political correctness will be the death of these two countries if they do not act.