Not registered, apparently

Teacher aides don’t have to be registered.

Surely this puts kids at risk if you follow the line of Chris Hipkins and the Labour party.

One of the things they accuse charter schools of is placing kids at risk by not having to have registered teachers in the classrooms.

But it is ok at state schools to have unregistered people in classrooms…dealing drugs.

An Auckland primary school has suspended two teacher aides after they were snapped exchanging cannabis in the staff room.

But the school says the pair will keep their jobs and officials are yet to contact police, raising Ministry of Education concerns.?

The incident comes after other troubles at the school, Rowandale Primary in Manurewa, which led to a turnover of 55 teachers in four years and numerous complaints during the reign of a previous principal.

Rowandale chairman James Bryce said the board became aware of drug possession at the school when a teacher saw one of the aides hand over “rolled-up foils” to another in the staff room after hours on March 11.

The incident was reported to principal Karl Vasau the next day and an internal investigation commenced.

It was confirmed that the foils contained cannabis and the aides were sent home on paid leave until a hearing.

At the hearing, it was decided the two would be suspended without pay for a month, undergo three drug tests and if none was positive, they could return to full duties late next month.

Mr Bryce said police had not been contacted because there had been an internal investigation. Because the staff were aides, not registered teachers, the Teachers Council was also not involved.

Good on?the?school for acting promptly…though strange they haven’t involved Police.


– NZ Herald