NZ Media want to know who our troops are, here’s why they shouldn’t

Yesterday Fairfax ran a piece about the secrecy over who precisely from our Defence Forces would be sent to Iraq.

They seem to think that they should know who they are.

They are wrong and here is why.

Islamic State has posted online what it says are the names, United States addresses and photos of 100 American military service members, and called upon its “brothers residing in America” to kill them.

The Pentagon said after the information was posted on the Internet it was investigating the matter.

“I can’t confirm the validity of the information, but we are looking into it,” a US defence official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said on Saturday.

“We always encourage our personnel to exercise appropriate OPSEC (operations security) and force protection procedures,” the official said. ?

In the posting, a group referring to itself as the “Islamic State Hacking Division” wrote in English that it had hacked several military servers, databases and emails and made public the information on 100 members of the US military so that “lone wolf” attackers can kill them.

We are at war incase you didn’t realise it.

The media might like to think they are immune to this sort of stuff but if they haven’t learned yet from Charlie Hebdo they need to school up fast.

Giving the?enemy any information is treason in my books…if any soldier or his family is at risk because of the actions of a journalist then that journalist?should be prosecuted.

This is not a game, it is real life…and the media needs to get serious and start assisting with operational security otherwise they will just be blocked and shut out of any information sharing.


– Fairfax