Of course he is nicking votes

Claire Trevett asks if Winston Peters is stealing votes.

NZ First leader Winston Peters’ campaign is based on the technique of nicking other parties’ votes. He is quite shameless about this.

First he aimed for National’s votes, unveiling a blue campaign bus. Then he aimed for Labour’s.

Yesterday it was the Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party’s turn. It came during a street meeting in Kaikohe, on the main drag. He had the Little River Band booming “Help is on it’s way” he had the microphones, he had the patter.

The only thing missing was the people. Eventually the racket attracted about 10 people who kept a safe distance 100 metres away. One asked about legalising cannabis. ??

Peters promised a referendum on the matter but almost qualified for the Olympics with his backflip on it soon after. He had never smoked weed himself, but the damage was done. He had a new nickname: Winstoner.

Labour meanwhile has all but left its handbag of voters on the park bench for him to rifle through. Labour has almost stopped campaigning completely. All that is left is some hoardings on roadsides and Peters suggested they should even knock them down for his sake.

Of course Winston is stealing votes, it’s all he knows in politics.

From the Hunua electoral petition, to his formation of NZ First, to the $158,000 he ‘borrowed’ from taxpayers the man is nothing but a political thief.

Of course he is stealing votes…it’s all he does…the real question is what happens to all of Winston Peters votes when he finally quits.

Perhaps his campaign manager, Dot Pumipi, could answer that on behalf of her partner Shane Jones.

I think we can see that NZ First’s future won’t be with Labour…and so it is their votes he is truly stealing.


– NZ Herald