Oh the irony, it hurts

Check this out

A stoush over $22,500 is brewing between Otago University Students’ Association and the national body it no longer wants to be a part of.

OUSA quit the New Zealand Union of Students’ Associations last year, but agreed to pay this year’s $45,000 membership fee, as was required by the national body’s constitution.

However, OUSA president Paul Hunt this week announced the association’s intention to reallocate the $22,500 second instalment to ”projects that have greater benefits to Otago students”.

He said ”$22,500 is a large amount of money”.

”We are obliged to ensure all spending achieves value for money.”

OUSA has paid the first $22,500 instalment, but ”we are very clear that we think there are better purposes for that money”.

”It’s a significant amount of money,” Mr Hunt said.

”It’s completely unreasonable to be forced to pay such a large sum of money to an entity we no longer want to be part of.”

Student unions are a rort. ? That aside, they are the only unions that have been successful at remaining able to extract their union fees from students through compulsion.

Don’t you think it is a bit odd that a student union can then decide it doesn’t want to be part of its national union? ? Don’t you think it’s interesting that their justification is that they can think of better things to do with the money?

The fact their compulsory members don’t want to be members and they also can think of better uses for their union fees seems totally lost on the tinpot empire builders.

OUSA needs to cough up the $22,500 for two reasons.

One, they paid half of it, so they have already indicated they owe the money, and they can’t back out of the agreement.

Two, it makes them look like idiots to construct a defence that includes not?wanting to be a member of a union, and thinking it is a waste of their money with no benefit to the people paying it.

This is a strong contender for Irony of the Year.

I’d laugh, but these people are deadly serious.


– Timothy Brown, ODT