Old people who can’t pay rates? Boo-hoo. Sell down like the rest of us

Auckland Grey Power is holding a meeting in Mt Albert today on the council’s 10-year budget, saying the city’s elderly population will struggle to pay proposed higher rates.

Anne-Marie Coury, President of Auckland Grey Power, said about 7 per cent of Auckland’s population is dependent on superannuation and “some of these people own homes, and will struggle to maintain them, let alone heat them, if their rates continue to rise”.

The council is proposing an overall rates increase of 3.5 per cent from July, but for households the average increase is 5.6 per cent, due to new property revaluations and a plan to reduce the amount of rates paid by business.

“The bare truth will hurt when the new rates bills arrive in August,” Ms Coury said.

Why should we as taxpayers subsidise the inheritance for their kids? ?

Move. ?Sell down. ?Live within your means.

On the flip side, rates never seem to go down, and thieving politicians need to to be held to account
which is why I support recall legislation.

There is no doubt that rates are out of control, and there is no sign that this is likely to change any time soon.

That said,?old people had the best of times:?full employment,?new everything,?and they borrowed to pay for it?leaving us with the debt. ?Often the woman never worked?and is now on a pension she never contributed to.

Politicians like Winston Peters keep giving the generation that has had everything given to them even more.

And now Grey Power are looking for ways to ease the burden on elderly ratepayers, not all ratepayers. ?Well, the answer is simple. ?If you can’t afford to live somewhere, you sell up and go to a location you can afford.


– Bernard Orsman, NZ Herald