One Labour MP got 1/6th of all the funds raised

… Labour MP Stuart Nash was the …?biggest recipient of donations, declaring he received $99,000 last year.

He said that was the key to his success in winning the Napier electorate – and in being the only candidate to win a seat back from National.

“The majority of the money actually went on full page ads in our community weekly and Napier mail,” he said.

Mr Nash said money was not the only thing needed to run a successful campaign but it was incredibly important.

“Would I have won without that level of money and level of support? Possibly. But this certainly made it a lot easier because we were able to build a profile.”

In total, Labour’s 71 candidates raised just over $604,000 in donations – less than half that of National’s candidates.

71 candidates got $604,000 – about $8500 on average. ?Or, if you take Nash’s lot out and divide by 70… $7214 per candidate. ? That’s just really, really sad. ? No wonder they’re all looking at Nash and going “what the hell?”. ?

The party’s president Nigel Haworth said the lack of donations compared with National was telling in the election result – which delivered Labour its worst defeat under MMP.

“It says something about the effectiveness of the National’s Party apparatus. It also reflects that they are connected with the wealthier sectors of New Zealand and so their ease of gathering funding is easier than ours.”

“But it is a wake-up call for us in terms of the need to improve our fundraising,” he said.

Mr Haworth said the party had to seriously start looking at building relationships with high net-worth individuals and the business community.

Helps if you don’t poop on them from a great height. ? The Labour Party has burned off almost all it’s wealthy backers over the last ten years. ?Add to that their lurch to the left causing them to be seen as business unfriendly and employment hostile, you have to wonder why they are confused that nobody substantial is backing them with money?

It’s going to take at least a decade to recover the Labour Party to the point where it has the same sort of financial business and community support it used to enjoy – and that’s assuming that the parliamentary wing sort their act out sufficiently for the party to look like a cohesive group of people with a single, well defined and middle of the road purpose.

It ain’t rocket science. ?The electorate will tire of National. ?All Labour as to do is stop looking like a political slapstick movie. ?Once solved, the money will start to come back.