Optimistic headline of the day


That’s the headline.

Here are the actual facts.

Andrew Little’s work to appeal to small businesses appears to be working.

Figures from the latest MYOB Business Monitor survey show 11 per cent of small-to-medium enterprise operators trust Labour to handle the economy.

It puts them into double digits – up from eight per cent before the election.

But most small businesses still trust the Government – 65 per cent believe National is on top of the economy.

The minor parties are the economic losers, with just two per cent putting their faith in the Greens or New Zealand First.

Going from 8% to 11% may not seem much, but that’s a 37.5% increase over Labour’s previous support. ?The headline could have been

37.5% surge in small business support for Labour since election

The media so like to skew things.


– Josh White, Newstalk ZB